Despite the different challenges that came with 2020, the Habitat Chicago community rose to the occasion and faced adversity with resiliency and grace. From determined program participants to dedicated supporters, everyone stepped up and played an important role in furthering our mission. To...
“We looked out from our future home while we were building and saw an empty lot across the street full of potential. We were determined to physically change the corner where we lived. We wanted to get to know our community while building on the foundation that we had with the purchase of our home.”...
Within Cook County, over half of all renters spend more than 30% of their income on housing each month, putting them over the threshold at which they are considered rent-burdened. So, what happens when a housing market that’s already on shaky ground gets hit with a pandemic?
Each year, our Women Build community shows up to help more women overcome the gendered barriers to homeownership. Despite the hurdles of 2020, this year is no different.
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 began earlier this year, it’s been hard to go a day without thinking about health. When one thinks about maintaining their health in these times, we generally think of diet, exercise, and social distancing. However, these factors do not paint the full picture.

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