Each year, our Women Build community shows up to help more women overcome the gendered barriers to homeownership. Despite the hurdles of 2020, this year is no different.
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 began earlier this year, it’s been hard to go a day without thinking about health. When one thinks about maintaining their health in these times, we generally think of diet, exercise, and social distancing. However, these factors do not paint the full picture.
Now settling into their new homes, we chatted with two of our newest homeowners, Denae and Shaunavera, to see what benefits and opportunities the initial months of homeownership have provided them, and what having a home has meant to them during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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At the peak of US lockdowns, a staggering 94% of Americans were impacted by stay-at-home orders used to stem the outbreak of COVID-19. But what happens when happens when the place people are sheltering in is also taking its own toll on their health?

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