Habitat Chicago homebuyer, Erika, moved her family into a new home last May. We checked in with her to see what her homeownership experience has been like so far, how she and her family have started to personalize their home, and how they have already formed new memories within its walls.
Learn about Habitat International's Global Village program from staff member, Margaret, and AmeriCorps volunteer, Victoria, as they reflect on their builds in Poland and Malawi this past summer.
Each year, Habitat Chicago’s Women Build brings hundreds of women together to help their fellow sisters attain the benefits that come with homeownership.
From porch repairs to health fairs, Habitat Chicago is funding nine resident-led projects this fall.
Tabitha recently completed her interior selection meeting, where she made customizations to her new home's flooring, cabinets, and countertops. These selections will match the radiant personalities of Tabitha and her daughter, and this selection process encompasses what homeownership means to them...

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