What a task it would be for us to try to write an article that fully articulates the meaning of home dedication days! But we think these words above spoken by Messay to her soon-to-be neighbor, Catherine, just a few seconds before this photo was captured on Saturday, May 6that our four-home...
A better life and a stronger future for ourselves and our families – at the end of the day, isn’t this what we all want? It’s certainly the vision of Tonya Martin and it’s been motivating her long before joining the Habitat Chicago homebuyer program in 2016.
Last month, we took a look back at some wonderful accomplishments of our beloved volunteers. But humility is a virtue. So this month we’re highlighting the Habitat Chicago Top 10 Volunteer Build Site Blunders of 2016. Nota bene: we still really, REALLY appreciate you.
You know who’s amazing? You. Well, you and the rest of the Habitat Chicago volunteers (you know, the people who work so hard to see that every person in Chicago has the opportunity to thrive…). Take a look at just a few of the volunteers who left us feeling “wow’d” in 2016.
While Habitat Chicago is making strides in seeing the neighborhoods & residents of our city thrive, it takes much more than our efforts alone to get the job done. Luckily, we’re not the only ones fighting this fight. Let’s look at some of our favorite highlights in housing news in 2016.

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