On Saturday, January 11, snow showers covered the city, but that didn't stop the celebration on the Habitat Chicago build site in West Pullman at a very special Seven Home Celebration.
What would you and your neighbors do if you had $500 to work on a project together? What about $1,200? When you look around your neighborhood, what ideas do you have? Landscaping? A resource fair? Our Neighborhood Grants Initiative helps bring those all-star ideas to life.
Buying a home is a giant step for most people. We don’t always know where to start, and we are riddled with weighty questions. So began Habitat Chicago’s Homebuyer University, a series of classes covering the ins and outs of homebuying. And just last month, we graduated our inaugural cohort!
Be prepared for your holiday shopping this year with the official 2019 Habitat Chicago Gift Guide. This list will help you find the perfect gift for your loved one while also supporting your favorite non-profit.
Habitat Chicago homebuyer, Erika, moved her family into a new home last May. We checked in with her to see what her homeownership experience has been like so far, how she and her family have started to personalize their home, and how they have already formed new memories within its walls.

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