You’ve learned about our program and qualification criteria and now you’re excited to apply. What's next? We’ve outlined the application process below, and because we want you to be successful in your efforts, we highly recommend you read this entire page before getting started on your application.



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Application Process Overview  

We will accept applications as long as space is available in our program, which we determine by looking at our expected number of homes likely to close within an 18-month period. We look at this time span on an ongoing basis to keep our available homes up to date. This page will indicate at the top whether we can accept applications or not. Any time we resume accepting applications after a period of closure, we will notify those who are subscribed to our interest list via email and inform those in attendance at our information sessions.  


When we are accepting applications, you may submit your application packet for review. You do this by scheduling and attending a consultation appointment with one of our team members and bringing your completed application packet to the consultation. During this appointment, you'll sit with our Homebuyer Support Specialist for an initial review of your application packet to identify any missing or additionally needed items. As a reminder, in order to purchase a home with us, you must meet all the qualification criteria when you apply and be willing to partner with us for the duration of the program. If you are not quite sure you meet all the eligibility requirements, we invite you to take the Self-Assessment and our Homebuyer Support Specialist will reach out with to schedule a time to discuss next steps. Get started by taking the Self-Assessment below.




Once we have your complete application, we then begin its review following our standardized acceptance criteria described at a high level on our Eligibility page. We review complete applications in the order that we receive them and we will notify you of our decision within 30 days from the date that your application was considered complete.  

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The Application Packet 

The application packet has three parts. You must complete and submit all three parts before we consider your application complete and ready for review.  

Part 1: Application Summary Form: This is our standard application form requesting personal information, including income and employment history. This is a legal document and must contain accurate information. Make sure to read everything carefully and sign!  

Part 2: Supporting Documents: These are the personal and financial documents that you will need to submit in order for us to assess and verify your eligibility for our program. We've created a worksheet to help you to determine which documents you will need to gather and submit based on your personal circumstances. It is available for download below both in the Application Packet as an appendix and as a stand-alone worksheet.  

Part 3: Notices, Authorizations, and Releases: There are several notices, authorizations, and releases included in the application packet that we need you to sign and return. These are federally required and we cannot proceed with your application packet review if these forms are absent from your submitted packet.  

Download the application packet parts through the links below. You can also visit our office by appointment to pick up a physical copy.  

Application Packet            Part 2 Worksheet


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Application Packet Submission Instructions  

In-Person Application Submission Appointment

To submit your application, you must schedule an appointment with our Homebuyer Support Specialist. We only have appointments available when we are actively accepting applications. During this time, we add new appointment slots on an ongoing basis.

Here is what you need to know about the Application Submission appointment:  

  • It will take place in-person at the Habitat Chicago office  

  • It will take approximately 2 hours

  • You must bring your application packet (Parts 1-3, including all supporting documents!) 

  • You, and any co-applicant, if applicable, must bring a state-issued photo ID or driver’s license 

  • You will have the chance to ask questions and learn about the review process  

  • You might leave the consultation with a notice containing a list of outstanding documents we still need from you in order to consider your application complete. You will have a deadline for submitting any outstanding documents 

To get in touch with the Homebuyer Support Specialist and begin the process, please take the Self-Assessment.



Can’t Make an In-Person Consultation? 

We strongly prefer that you schedule a consultation per the instructions above. But in the case that you cannot attend an in-person consultation, please call our office for mailing instructions: 312-563-0296.  

Note: If any part of your application packet is missing or unfinished, we’ll consider your application packet incomplete, and we will not begin reviewing it. Instead, we will contact you by phone to discuss the missing or unfinished items.   

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Preparing to Apply 

Whether we are currently accepting applications or not, there are several things you can start doing now to increase your chances of success when you do apply. 

  • Read carefully through all of the Affordable Homeownership Program pages on this website. Determine if this program is right for you!  

  • Attend one of our free Information Sessions (sign up on our Events Page)  

  • Take the Self-Assessment. These questions help you determine your potential eligibility and identify any areas to work on.  

  • Meet with our Homebuyer Support Specialist for an Eligibility Consultation to create an Action Plan for a future application.

  • Download the application packet parts 1-3 above. Get familiar with the application forms and the supporting documents you need to collect. Make a plan for collecting your required supporting documents and completing the application forms. 

  • Meet with a HUD-certified housing counselor to review our program requirements and criteria. This free one-on-one service can also assist you with filling out an application and working through any eligibility questions. Visit our Service Resources directory for a list of HUD-approved housing counseling agencies. 

  • Download your credit report at Review your credit history to see if you have any accounts you don’t recognize or any late payments or information that needs to be corrected. A HUD-certified housing counselor can also assist with this.  

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Next Steps

Ready to learn more? Here are some next steps you can take:

  1. Read the next page in the sequence: 7. Frequently Asked Questions

  2. Subscribe to receive email updates and reminders about the Affordable Homeownership Program

  3. Register for and attend an information session where you can hear directly from our team and ask any questions you may have


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