You may already have a vision for what you want your neighborhood to be, and if so, consider forming a block club. These action-oriented groups are formed at the grassroots level by residents who want to improve the areas in which they live.


Activities of a block club might include things like planting gardens, sprucing up parks, helping local schools or senior centers, refurbishing community centers, protecting neighborhoods or serving as representation at local government meetings. Projects can start small, or fan out through the entire community. It's up to you!


Maybe you already have a group of friends or family who are willing to do the work, or maybe you still need to recruit your neighbors. The rules of block clubs are flexible, and bend to accommodate your specific needs and desires. You don't need any training, or even set geographic boundaries. You just need a few, concerned citizens willing to roll up their sleeves and make a difference for the good of those around them.


Next Steps:

  1. Start by downloading the guide at the bottom of this page for advice, inspiration and how-to's. 

  2. Check out our Community Action Resources page.

  3. Consider registering your block club with the Chicago Police Department.

  4. Tell your alderman that you have formed, and begin sending representatives to Ward and CAPS meetings.

  5. Meet, plan, do … and have fun!



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