Like most people, your home is probably your biggest asset and keeping it in great shape is one of the smartest things you can do to maintain its value. 

A regular schedule of manageable activities will not only keep your home in first-rate condition, it will go a long way in thwarting stress-inducing emergencies that could leave your checking account drained.

Learning how your house operates and how to best operate your house are skills that you will develop over time, but lucky for you we have some guides to help you along.


Habitat Chicago Home Maintenance Manual

Chock-full of explanations and advice, this manual is developed for our Habitat houses, but much of the information can be easily applied to most homeowners.

Download Manual





Quarterly Maintenance Checklists

These handy printouts lay out an ideal maintenance schedule and will bring particular delight to those checklist lovers among us.















Read On

We aren’t the only ones especially interested in home maintenance--if you can believe that! Here are some of our favorite sites for additional tips and tricks:



Watch and Learn

And because seeing is, well, learning, in this case, here are some videos our construction leaders use in our home maintenance course that might be helpful for you.

How to use a fire extinguisher



Sump pump in action


Flushing a water heater


Changing a furnace filter

Cleaning refrigerator coils


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