Do you have a warranty service request for your new home?

Let’s get started.


First, let’s make sure you’re on the right track. Are all of the following true?

  • You are a homeowner with Habitat Chicago.

  • You have been in your home for less than one year. 

  • You have checked your Home Warranty Manual and verified that your request is covered by your limited warranty.

  • This is not an emergency. If this is an emergency, call your utility provider and homeowners’ insurance company. See below for equipment and appliance malfunctions.


Second, let’s make sure we are the company you should be talking to.

  • For equipment or appliance malfunctions, your Warranty Manual will outline which vendor is responsible. Please call them.

  • For small issues, like closet door alignment or simple replacements, it is unlikely to be covered by our warranty. Please try to fix it yourself or schedule a professional to help you.


Third, if you are now sure it’s a Habitat Chicago limited warranty issue, go ahead and fill out the form below. Habitat Chicago reserves the right to determine if your request qualifies under our limited warranty. We will notify you either way. If your request is approved, we will reach out to you to schedule the repair on a Tuesday through Saturday, between 8:00 am and 3:00 p.m. You or an adult designee must be present while any work is done inside the home.

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