Moving to a new neighborhood means a lot of changes all around. You’ve taken care of the hard parts of finding your new home and organizing the move, but there are still logistics to handle and new places to explore. You also have an amazing opportunity to engage with your new surroundings and build for you and your family the type of connectivity you want. So before you kick your feet up post-move (okay, take a day or two), consider checking off some of these to-dos.


Take Care of the Basics

Well, the final logistics sure aren’t exciting, but they are important.


Update your Address: 

  • Post Office: Visit your local post office or fill out this form online. This also allows you to set up mail forwarding.

  • DMV: Update your Driver’s License/State ID and vehicle registration by visiting the DMV or filling out this form online. In Illinois, you have 10 days following your move to update these records.

  • Other Updates: Give a change of address to your banks, schools, friends, family, insurance company, doctors, cell phone provider, credit card companies, and magazine and newspaper subscriptions.


Register to Vote: It’s quick and easy to update and register your new address so you can weigh in on the direction of your new community. While you’re at it, take a moment to learn who your elected officials are.


Discover Amenities and Services

What are the assets in your new community? Do some research and begin exploring!


Schools: You can find your local school and the steps on how to enroll using the CPS School Locator.


Parks District: Take advantage of the free and low-cost recreational opportunities in your new neighborhood offered by the Chicago Park District. 


Libraries: Your local library not only has print and online resources available to you for free, but also offers classes, workshops and group gatherings. 


Transit: Learn the routes and services available to you in your new neighborhood. 


Local: Get out and discover local shopping and dining options in your area (maybe it even has a farmers market!).



Is there anything more human than connectivity? Embrace your newcomer status and seize the opportunity to connect with others in your community.


Introduce Yourself: Yep, it may seem obvious, but a simple introduction and brief conversation with your neighbors goes a long way in forging supportive relationships (the types that make it easier to find someone to pick up your mail when you go on vacation). It also helps you be a better neighbor when you learn a little about their schedules and lifestyles. Plus, it gives you a chance to talk about shared resources (e.g. “hey, I have a pretty tall ladder if ever you need to borrow it!”).


Attend Community Meetings: Aldermanic Offices and Community Policing (CAPS) Districts usually have standing community meetings, which can be a good way to not only learn about community conversation topics, but also meet other residents.


Attend Neighborhood Happenings: Keep an eye out on local listings or flyers for open events you can attend. Maybe a block party, garage sale or festival will pop up nearby and you can take the opportunity to enjoy the day with your neighbors.


Volunteer: Inquire about volunteer help at a local organization that aligns with your interests. Volunteer opportunities usually bring together people with diverse backgrounds, which can be particularly helpful in expanding your network.


Join a Club: Whether it’s a local hobby group, book club, parenting network or fitness center, it’s bound to bring you together with others in your community. 


Take a Class: Check local community centers and colleges for options that interest you. Knock out a few birds with one stone by learning somethings new while meeting people.


Bring People Together: Play host in your home, backyard or street and invite the neighborhood over to socialize. Whether it’s the whole block or just group of friends, everyone loves a reason to come together. 


Take Action

Craving more for your neighborhood? Take a look at some of our Community Action resources to take the next steps.


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